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Brachyscome multifida ~ Cut Leaf Daisy

Brachyscome multifida, ferny soft foliage comes to mind. The grass green of Brachscome multifida leaves form a soft mat. The yellow centered lavender daisy flowers are about 3/4" across. The plant is about 6" tall and spreads 18-24". It is usually in bloom. It does not require deadheading. Plants that provide so much color often require lots of work to keep them up. The Cut Leaf Daisy can easily be over watered, especially with overhead water. It is not particularly long lived, becoming rather ratty after a couple of years. I use Brachyscome multifida for the near constant show of flowers. It will not take traffic at all and should not be used with dogs or in areas that raking is required. The Cut Leaf Daisy will take medium to strong light. It is native to Australia

Brachyscome multifida, Cut Leaf Daisy

Flowers and foliage of Brachyscome multifida the Cut Leaf Daisy. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.