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Blue Heron in the Garden

Blue Herons are great at catching gophers and ground squirrels as well as fish and frogs. But if you keep fish in a pond they can at times be a pest. Due to the Blue Heron's protected status water gardens need to be built in a way that the Heron's are not hurt. The fish are usually smart enough to utilize cover if it exists. I often put drainage tiles on the bottom of small ponds if they don't contain plants so the fish have a place to hide. In areas that are open to the birds I do not use expensive fish. These ponds are also likely visited by raccoons. Nets over the water can be used but this is quite an eyesore and they often get leaves, moss and debris on them. I have had clients with motion sensor equipped sprinkler heads that will come on for a short burst when raccoons or large birds arrive at the pond. More wildlife photography

Blue Heron

A Blue Heron in your garden, what do you do? High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.