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Bearss Lime * Citrus x latifolia

Bearss Limes are a great late season treat. Bearss Lime trees in our area bloom with white flowers and come ripe in October and hold their fruit well into November. I love the change a Bearss Lime makes in a Margarita or Tom Collins. Juice mixes well in meat dishes with themes from South of the Border. The Bearss Lime is frost tender but all the same it is the only Lime that will grow in our area. Bearss Lime is frost tender, burning fruiting wood once temperatures drift into the mid to high 20's. More than most other fruit trees the Bearss Lime tends to get chlorotic, particularly if raw woodchips are used for mulch around the trees. It is important that the Bearss Lime gets full sun, less and there is little or no fruit.

Bearss Lime fruit

Fruit of the Bearss Lime. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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