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Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis ~ Mugwort, White Sagebrush

Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis grows somewhat less than 2 feet tall and spreads by underground rhizomes. The Artemisia Valerie Finnis selection is more compact than Artemisia Silver King, has broader foliage and more showy flowers. The flowers still don't look like much and I cut them off shortly after they appear. Artemisia Valerie Finnis has very fragrant foliage. I like planting it near a pathway. Artemisia ludovicana is native to much of the desert Southwest including the Eastern portions of California. Artemisia Valerie Finnis grows best in full sun, but will spread into shady sections of the garden if left to its own devices. Artemisia Valerie Finnis will flop in the shade or if the soil is too well tended. Artemisa Valerie Finnis is drought tolerant, maybe even drought insistant as the roots are prone to rot if the soil becomes soggy. Artemisia Valerie Finnis is Winter hardy to zone 4 or 5, much colder than we are likely to see in California.

Artemisia Valerie Finnis, White Sagebrush

Flowers and foliage of Artemisia Valerie Finnis the White Sagebrush. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.