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Anomatheca laxa, Lapeirousia laxa, Freesia laxa - Flowering Grass, False Freesia

Anomatheca laxa is an easily grown bulb in the iris family that has naturalized in my garden and many of those I care for. This bulb was known as Lapeirousia laxa and Freesia laxa and is still sold under both names. Anomatheca laxa goes by the common names of Flowering Grass and False Freesia. Anomatheca laxa grows in full sun to light shade in lightly irrigated parts of the garden. Anomatheca laxa blooms Spring into the first part of Summer. Mine are red flowered but Anomatheca laxa could also come with pink flowers, blue flowers or white flowers. My plants have recovered from frosts into the high teens °F reliably either by seed or bulb.

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Anomatheca laxa, Lapeirousia laxa, Freesia Laxa, Flowering Grass, False Freesia

A spring show of red flowers Anomatheca laxa - Flowering Grass, False Freesia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.