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Anigozanthos Pink Joey ~ Pink Joey Kangaroo Paws

Anigozanthos Pink Joey is a dwarf pink flowering Kangaroo Paws. Anigozanthos Pink Joey blooms late Spring into Fall. The green foliage grows to 18" and the flowers to something over two feet. Anigozanthos Pink Joey is works well as a cut flower. Kangaroo Paws are susceptable to a black fungus if watered overhead, this variety is less susceptable than most. Drip irrigation is an easy solution. Anigozanthos Pink Joey is Winter hardy 25-30° F.

Anigozanthos Pink Joey, Pink Joey Kangaroo Paws

Pink flowers of Anigozanthos Pink Joey the Pink Joey Kangaroo Paws. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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