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Anchusa capensis - Summer Forget Me Not

Anchusa capensis is a vigorous bloomer. The Summer Forget Me Not produces masses of blue flowers in Spring and Summer. Anchusa capensis self sows but not so much as to become a pest. Plant in a sunny part of the garden, Anchusa capensis grows best with regular water and prepared soil but tolerates clay soil and a fairly extended drought in good form. Anchusa capensis grows to a little more than a foot tall and wide. Anchusa capensis is a short lived perennial and is often treated as an annual. Anchusa capensis will often overwinter in warmer gardens and is hardy enouth to withstand a light frost. The Summer Forget Me Not is a nice addition to the butterfly garden where Painted Lady Butterflies will often drop in for a sip of nectar. Butterflies love them and deer don't. Anchusa capensis is one of the many plants that come to our landscape from South Africa.

Anchusa capensis, Summer Forget Me Not

Blue flowers of Anchusa capensis - Summer Forget Me Not. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.