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Amsinkia tessellata ~ Bristly Fiddleneck, Devil's Lettuce

Amsinkia tessellata grows in the desert, chaparral, and valley grassland habitats. The Bristly Fiddleneck is more tolerant of saline soils and extreme weather than most Fiddlenecks. Amsinkia tessellata seeds should be planted in the Fall with the first rains. Amsinkia tessellata blooms in the early to mid Spring. The Bristly Fiddleneck is often one of the first wildflowers to bloom. Plants in the Amsinkia genus are a frequent food and nectar source for the Painted Lady Butterfly and Sara Orangetip and is a great addition to the wildflower section of the butterfly garden.

Amsinkia tessellata, Bristly Fiddleneck, Devil's Lettuce

Flowers and foliage of Amsinkia tessellata the Bristly Fiddleneck or Devil's Lettuce. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.