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Akebia quinata ~ Chocolate Vine

Akebia quinata bears no scent of chocolate for me. But the fruity fragrant blossoms are incredible just the same. My garden has had cold winter nights that dipped into the mid teens and not I have not had any dieback. And maybe best of all this vine seems to be less prone to leaping out from its appointed area at every opportunity than most. In some areas, particularly in the North East Akebia quinata has become a pest and is on the local noxious weed lists. I don't look for the Chocolate Vine to provide any distant background highlights. The fragrant dark purple flowers need a close look, or an attuned nose to be noticed. Yet they are worth the attention, as they are quite beautiful. Akebia quinata blooms for about 2 months starting in February If you thinking of a chocolate plant theme for your garden you should also see the Ajuga Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Cosmos and the Chocolate Lily

Akebia quinata, Chocolate Vine

Flowers and foliage of Akebia quinata the Chocolate Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.