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Agoseris grandiflora - California Dandelion

Agoseris grandiflora, the California Dandelion grows throughout the Western US and its range extends into Mexico and Canada. Agoseris grandiflora grows in a wide range of habitats from nearly sea level to 11,000 feet. Agoseris grandiflora grows in full sun to modest shade and is not picky about soil type. Agoseris grandiflora has yellow flowers that briefly open in the Spring. Agoseris grandiflora is perennial and not particular about water, though the California Dandelion will go Summer deciduous if things dry out. For me growing this plant is more about the glorious seedheads than the flowers. Agoseris grandiflora is a fine addition to the Spring Butterfly Garden attracting the Variable Checkerspot Butterfly.

Agoseris grandiflora, California Dandelion

Globe puffball seedhead of Agoseris grandiflora - California Dandelion. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.