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Aeonium Kiwi * Kiwi Aeonium

Aeonium Kiwi is a succulent that grows to a 2 foot mound. The Kiwi Aeonium has 2-3 inch rosettes that have pale yellow leaves that mature to green as they age. The leaves have a red margin. Aeonium Kiwi has yellow flowers in the Summer but they are hardly the reson to grow the plant. It is all in the multicolored leaves. Aeonium Kiwi is drought tolerant. The Kiwi Aeonium grows in sun or shade but the leaves will be more colorful in the sun. The sun makes the red of the leaf margins come out. Aeonium Kiwi plants have withstood temperatures in the mid 20°s F with tip burn on the outer leaves. The variegated Aeonium Sunburst has larger rosettes and might be used if looking for a bolder texture.

Aeonium Kiwi, Kiwi Aeonium

Colorful variegated foliage of Aeonium Kiwi the Kiwi Aeonium. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.