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Acmena smithii ~ Lilly Pilly

Acmena smithii is a small to middle sized tree that grows to about 15-20 feet. The Lilly Pilly Tree blooms Spring into Summer and produces showy edible pale purple fruit in the Winter. The hollow 1/2" fruit is rather watery and bland but can also be made into jam. Acmema smithii is native to Eastern Australia and New Zealand. The Lilly Pilly Tree grows in areas that range from tropical rainforest to rocky coastal outcrops far to the South. Acmena smithii is in the same family as Eucalyptus and has fuzzy white flowers. Acmena smithii is in a group that has gone through a number of name changes, Eugena, and Syzygium more recently, are sometimes used. Acmena smithii works as a specimen tree, and can also be used as a screening hedge. Acmena smithii prefers a modest water diet but is tolerant of moist conditions and will survive a moderate drought in our area with little input. Acmena smithii is Winter hardy to 15-20° F.

Acmena smithii, Lilly Pilly

Pale purple fruit and leaves of Acmena smithii, the Lilly Pilly Tree. Visit the Garden Image Catalog for more information on this image.