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Salvia sclarea * Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea is a commonly used medicinal sage. Sclary Sage is used in flavoring for wines, liqueurs, teas, and foods. Salvia sclarea has become a pest in the northwestern states. Salvia sclarea grows to 3 feet tall and spreads. Fragrant white flowers bloom from late Spring through to Fall. Salvia sclarea grows on poor soils, in full sun and is fairly drought tolerant. Deer don't seem particularly interested. Salvia sclarea is a great addition to the Butterfly Garden attracting the Coudless Sulfur, the California Dogface, the Sara Orangetip, the Umber Skipper Butterfly, and the Northern White Skipper as well as the Hummingbird Garden.

Salvia sclarea, Clary Sage

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