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Salvia farinacea Victoria Blue - Mealy Sage

Salvia farinacea was brought into cultivation prior to the 1850's. The Mealy Sage is native to Texas and Mexico. The native species grows on rocky soil with a lot of lime. This gives Salvia farinacea quite a tolerance for near coastal plantings. In the garden as a bedding plant Salvia farinacea loves the well prepared soil and regular watering. Salvia farinacea is a perennial but really performs its best in the first season and is usually used as if it were an annual. The native species grows to 3 or 4 feet tall and wide. The bedding varieties of the Mealy Sage usually grow only to a foot or so.

Salvia farinacea

Flowers and foliage of Salvia farinacea, Mealy Sage.