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Shot Silk Rose - Hybrid Tea Rose - Introduced in 1924

It took a couple of years for the Shot Silk rose to settle in but what a show we have had ever since. The Shot Silk throws out 12-15 foot canes every year and a profusion of bright pink blooms. The dark green foliage is rarely marred by fungal or any other problems. The first bloom of the season is definitely the best with this rose but it repeats with some flowers always showing all season. Hybridized by Hugh Dickson in a cross between 'High Dickson' seedling X 'Sunstar' U. K.

In the U.K. it is reported to get to 3' x 3'. With our climate the roses seem a little happier, expect something on the order of 10-12 feet or more.

High resolution images of the Shot Silk rose are available.

Shot Silk Rose