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Rose de Rescht * Portland Rose

Rose de Rescht seems to never stop blooming. It is a beautiful hot pink densly petaled old rose. Rose de Rescht is thought to have come from Iran in the early 1800's. It was lost to the rose world until 1945 when it was found in Germany. Rose de Rescht was reintroduced in 1950. This Portland rose came to us on its own roots and has sprouted new plants several times some distance from the base. Rose de Rescht has grown in partial shade and done well growing to 5 feet tall and wide. Rose de Rescht has survived on its own for years with no irrigation. Blooms are on short stems and there are often multiple blooms per stem. I take care to check under the spent flower as there is often another bud coming on.

Smith's Parish Rose, Bermuda Rose

White flowers of the Smith's Parish Rose lower petals on this flower are pink, but the flowers can be just white, pink or striped. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.