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Rosa x odorata mutabilis ~ Butterfly Rose ~ Introduced in Europe in the 1800's - Introduced in America in 1934

Rosa mutabilis is about the most free flowering shrub that I know. It will bloom straight through winter in coastal California. The flowers fade from pale pink with the yellow blush of the anthers to a dark pink. Bushes get up to 10 feet tall if they are not trimmed back. Rosa mutabilis will hang in there with minimal water but it really prefers a regular drink. I don't trim mine except to keep it from swallowing its neighboring plants or burying pathways. Rosa mutabilis will even bloom in a light shade but the plants get a little spindly. Rosa mutabilis has been in the trade since 1934 originally under the name Tipo Ideale, it is great to see old roses regain popularity. This rose may still be found under its former name Rosa chinensis mutabilis and is sometimes called China Rose. By any name this is a great plant for the back border. Rosa mutabilis is a host plant for the Western Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

High resolution images of Rosa mutabilis are available.

Rosa mutabilis