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Pot Shards in a Flagstone Walkway

There was a broken collectable pot and plate, thanks to a couple of cats, they were part of the Roseville Pottery collection. There was a broken and leaking gas line. The Flagstone walkway was cut leaving a gap to allow the new pipe to be installed. What was to be done with the gap in the flagstone walkway? So I further broke the pot and plate into shards and made a warning strip for an impending step with the shards. The pieces were 1-2" in size, a bag of Basic Mortar mix into the gap and I pressed the shards into the mix. A little sponge work to clean it all up and we were done. Choosing colors for projects like this are probably the biggest factor. In this case I went with the pastel colors of the Roseville Pottery, enough to contrast with the stone but not so much as to make a serious garden statement, nothing too glaring, let's leave that statement making for the flowers.

Pot Shards

Using a strip of imbeded Pot Shards to warn about an upcoming step on a flagstone walkway. Find this in our garden image collection.