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Double Bird Feeder Stand

The bird feeder stand I built here is all about practical. I love to repurpose wood. In this case an old broom handle and a recycled deck railing are used for this bird feeder stand. I used a caliper to measure the diameter of the handle. I found an appropriate bit and popped a hole through the old railing. I used a screw to set the broom handle so it wouldn't rotate. Near the ends of the broom handle I placed 2 round topped screws so the feeders wouldn't creep of the ends of the handle. I placed the bird feeder stant where it would get early morning sunlight and where it was surrounded by a lot of shrubbery. The birds like the protection of the rose while they wait their turn at the feeder. I made the stand tall enough that it would require a heroic leap by a cat giving the birds plenty of time to wisk away. The stand is connected to a grade break in a retaining wall and connected to boards screwed into the concrete. That required a 1/4" masonry bit, a hammer drill and a couple of wood screws the top and bottom levels and 2 screws into the upright board. It is stable enough I can use it for support while walking out the wall to refill the feeders. The hammer drill isn't necissary but it makes the holes much faster. The nyjer feeder attracts goldfinches and pine siskins. The sunflower feeder has a titmouse on it and attracts a host of sparrows, jays, nuthatches, and finches. Once the birds see activity they all flock in. I waited for the fruit trees to flower to feed the birds trying to distract them from plucking flowers. I thought this might limit the number of birds. Not this year. a nearby platform feeder was put out for seeding birds. In addition to the former list towhees, woodpeckers and grossbeaks are frequent feeders.

Double Birdseed Stand

Double Birdseed Stand Two feeders draw a lot of birds into the garden. Find this in our garden image collection.