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Armored Artichoke Bed

Artichokes are a gopher favorite. The suculent roots will sometimes spawn a new plant if something is left after the gopher chows down. After several lost plantings I decided I needed to protect my Artichokes better. So I decided on a raised bed. The Artichokes will be permanent residents down the middle of the bed. I can plant annual edibles around the edges. I dug down about 6" and left it raised 6". The bed is 4 feet by 6. A bed wider than 4 feet is hard to reach to the middle without stepping inside and compacting the soil. I laid poultry wire, the kind with 1/2" hexes on the bottom. I had these concrete rounds that someone asked me to haul away years ago. I figure the gopher can wear out a few sets of teeth trying to get through this. While it is possible for them to climb this should give me enough time to do something about them before they get into the bed.

Digging for Armored Artichoke Bed

Fresh dug hole for Armored Artichoke Bed, planning dirt match, no extra, nothing needed. Find this in our garden image collection.

Wire Mesh, Armored Artichoke Bed

Poultry Wire Mesh protecting the bed from below. Find this in our garden image collection.

Armored Artichoke Bed

Armored Artichoke Bed, keeping the gophers away. Find this in our garden image collection.