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Zucchini Recipies

Zucchini is a gift that keeps on giving. Long after you've gone completely insane trying to keep up with it, it's still producing more and more and bigger and bigger zucchinis. We always ended up with mountains of zucchinis that were two feet long and six inches around taking up all available space on the kitchen counters. It drove my mom nuts. By the end of the summer I think the mere mention of the word zucchini was enough to make her burst into tears.

Fortunately, there are a lot of delicious ways to cook zucchini to help you enjoy the squash as long as it continues to produce. It lasts a long time on the counter, but even longer shredded in the freezer. Use it for on the grill, in kebobs, for soups, zucchini chocolate cake, sweet breads . . . this is a versitile ingredient. Here is a recipe for right now.

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