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Cook's Corner ~ Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

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Sweet Potatoes

Did you know that the sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas)is only distantly related to potatoes or yams? It's sad that we only cook with sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And even then it's usually the same old sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows. Sweet potatoes are exactly that: Sweet! They don't need all that extra sugar to shine.

It's time to give the lowly sweet potato it's own identity! Starting with the sweet potato chip...

Sweet Potato Chips

1 large sweet potato, washed thoroughly

vegetable oil, for frying

Kosher salt

Slice the sweet potato in 1/8 inch rounds. I highly recommend using a mandoline for this.

Place a rimmed cookie sheet with a cooling rack on top next to your frying station. Line the cooling rack with paper towels.

Heat 3 inches of oil in a deep, heavy bottomed sauce pan to 375 degrees. Add 6 or 8 sweet potato rounds to the hot oil, dealing them in as you would deal a deck of cards. This will help keep them from sticking. Don't overcrowd the oil, or it will cool down too much leaving you with soggy, greasy chips.

Fry the sweet potato rounds for 2-3 minutes on each side. Remove from the oil and drain on the paper towels. Sprinkle with kosher salt, and enjoy!

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