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Hachiya and Fuyu Persimmon

There are two main kinds of persimmons, the Hachiya and the Fuyu. While they are both members of the genus Diospyros (meaning "Fruit of the Gods"), it is important to remember some key differences between the two.

The Hachiya persimmon is taller, with a pointed, acorn-like shape. This persimmon is only ready to eat when it is very soft. The high amount of tannins present (just like in red wines) make the Hachiya very unpalatable if eaten before it has ripened fully.

The Fuyu persimmon is squat, like a tomato. It can be eaten when still quite firm. It is a great addition to Autumn fruit salads, or sliced and served raw with a drizzling of lime juice.

We had a Hachiya persimmon tree when we were growing up and my mom always made persimmon cookies with it. The fruit pulp also freezes quite well so you can make these cookies year round. Just wait until the fruit is very soft and squeeze the pulp out of the skin. Even when fully ripened, the Hachiya skin retains a lot of the tannins so you want to avoid eating it.

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