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Cooking with Lavender

Cooking with Lavender

We’ve all seen lavender scented products such as soaps, candles, and lotions, but have you ever tried cooking with lavender? Many top chefs are starting to experiment with cooking with lavender, infusing its flavor into drinks and desserts. Cooking with lavender is a simple way to add a unique and surprising flavor to a traditional dish. Adding lavender to a dish brings a distinctive flavor, somewhat similar to mint. Use the following Lavandula intermedia varieites for cooking; Lavandin Fred Boutin, Lavandin Grosso, Lavandin Provence.

Lavender can be very easily added to any recipe calling for scalded milk or cream. Simply add a teaspoon of dried or fresh lavender flowers for each pint of cream. Scald the cream with the flowers and remove from the heat. Cover, and let the lavender flowers steep in the cream for 10 minutes. Then strain the flowers out, and continue with the recipe’s directions.

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