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Brussels Sprouts Recipies

Brussels Sprouts Recipies

Like most normal kids, I hated -- HATED -- brussels sprouts. My mom, while normally a very good cook, lacked creativity when it came to serving them. She liked them best steamed. I was convinced she was force feeding me slimy green golf balls.

My sister was always smart about her vegetables. She’d eat them all first and get it over with, before touching anything else on her plate. My brother, the youngest, was such a messy eater that he could throw all of his brussels sprouts on the floor without anyone realizing he was doing it on purpose. I tried everything I could think of to get out of eating them, but usually I was still stuck at the table long after everyone else had finished dinner and was enjoying dessert, staring at a plate of cold and festering brussels sprouts.

When I came home for the first Thanksgiving after I left for college, I thought my brother and sister had completely lost their minds. They were begging my mom to make brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner. I had only been gone for two months, how could they have possibly gone insane so quickly?

It turns out my mom had come up with a recipe for brussels sprouts that made them not only edible, but downright tasty! That Thanksgiving even my youngest cousins, who normally refuse to eat anything green except for Mountain Dew and Play-Doh, ate those brussels sprouts.

Below I've included my mom's recipe, and a few more I've discovered since then. Try one of them at your family's Thanksgiving dinner this year and see if you can't change your kids' minds about brussels sprouts too.

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