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Cooking with Blackberries

Cooking with Blackberries

Growing up, we had a huge wild blackberry patch taking over our backyard. My aunts were always jealous and waited eagerly for July when the berries would ripen and they could come over and pick some.

On the day my brother was born the first of the berries had just ripened so my aunt took my sister and me outside to gather a bowlful. We climbed to the the top of the hill and began to fill the bowl. I don't remember, but since I was only four and my sister was two, we probably ate more than we put in the bowl, but somehow my aunt managed to fill up her bowl. As we headed back down the hill my aunt had the bowl of berries under one arm and my sister in the other. Somehow she lost her balance! She had to decide which to save -- the berries or my sister!!

She chose my sister and dropped the bowl of berries. But she ended up landing in the bowl and slid the entire way down the hill sitting in a bowl of blackberries.

No one in my family will ever forget that the blackberries are ripe right around my brother's birthday!

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