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Vitex trifolia purpurea - Arabian Lilac

Vitex trifolia purpurea works well as a specimen plant with its distinctive foliage color. The tops of the leaves are green and the bottoms purple. The leaves are sharply angled at the mid-rib so the purple and green contrasts nicely. Vitex trifolia purpurea leaves are fragrant. Arabian Lilac grows at a moderate pace to form a 8 x 8 foot shrub. Vitex trifolia purpurea is quite drought tolerant once established. Arabian Lilac plants are hardy into the low 20's and are hard pruned by Winter below 25° F. Vitex trifolia purpurea grows well in full sun to partial shade. Lavender-blue flowers are produced in the late Spring, Summer and into the early Fall.

High resolution photos of Vitex trifolia purpurea are part of our garden image collection.

Vitex trifolia purpurea, Arabian Lilac