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Scadoxus membranaceus- Blood Lily

Scadoxus was once part of the Amaryllis genus and later part of Haemanthus before being separated into its own genus. Scadoxus membranaceus is native to the coastal strand but also performs well in light to moderate shade in inland gardens. Scadoxus membranaceus is from South Africa and like many Southern Hemisphere plants blooms off-season, coming into bloom in Winter and continuing into early Spring. Scadoxus membranaceus is winter hardy into zone 8, low 20°'s, though fresh foliage will be damaged at far higher temperatures. These bulbs are drought tolerant in when stressed and will lose their foliage, but Blood Lilies prefer regular water and good drainage. Scadoxus membranaceus is native to a Summer rainfall area. Given regular water in a well drained medium Scadoxus membranaceus is evergreen. Scadoxus membranaceus foliage reaches 12-18" in height.

Scadoxus membranaceus, Blood Lily

Red flower of Scadoxus membranaceus - Blood Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.