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Psoralea pinnata - African Scurfpea

The African Scurfpea is a fast growing shrub with a great show of fragrant purple-blue pea flowers Spring into Summer. Psoralea pinnata is frost tender if temperatures drop much below 28. Psoralea pinnata will grow best in moderately well drained soils but will survive in heavy soils if summer water is used sparingly. The African Scurfpea can grow to 10 feet but usually tops out at 6-8 feet. I like the dense foliage and use this plant in a mixed border, it contrasts well with the blue flowers of Arroyo Lupine. Older branches on the inside die off and need to be removed to keep the plants looking their best.

High resolution photos of Psoralea pinnata are part of our garden image collection.

Psoralea pinnata, African Scurfpea