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Polygala dalmaisiana - Sweet Pea Shrub

Polygala dalmaisiana grows to 4-5 feet tall and without pruning is typically a little wider than tall. The Sweet Pea Shrub can bloom all year near the coast, but will take a Winter break in colder climates. Polygala dalmaisiana is drought tolerant once established and will bloom in full sun to light shade. The foliage tends to a pale lime green. Regular trimming will keep the plants compact and blooming. Polygala dalmaisiana is often rather short lived, lasting only a few seasons. Usually by the time Polygala dalmaisiana passes there are seedlings waiting to take its place. Sweet Pea Shrubs are Winter hardy into the low 20°s F.

Polygala dalmaisiana, Sweet Pea Shrub

Pink-Purple flowers and foliage of Polygala dalmaisiana - Sweet Pea Shrub. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.