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Phacelia ramosissima - Branching Phacelia

Phacelia ramosissima has smaller flowers than some of the other showy Phacelias but it branches and can clamber up other plants and it produces many many small blue flowers. The Branching Phacelia grows approximately 2 feet tall and wide. Phacelia ramosissima blooms in Spring. The Branching Phacelia is a good addition to the wildflower mix. Even in a tough year Phacelia ramosissima will put on a show. I often see Phacelia ramosissima growing in shale scree, in road cuts and along trails. Wildflower seeds in our area are best broadcast in the garden with the first of the rains in the Fall.

Phacelia ramosissima, Branching Phacelia

Blue flowers of Phacelia ramosissima - Branching Phacelia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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