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Phacelia cicutaria - Caterpillar Phacelia

Phacelia cicutaria is native through much of Southern and Central California. The Caterpillar Phacelia generally grows in shale scree and disturbed areas, along trails and roadcuts. I have most often found plants on South facing slopes but most any sunny location will do. Phacelia cicutaria will grow in dense stands showing off its fuzzy sepals and pale purple flowers. It is common for plants to come back in the same spot year after year from seed. The seeds of Phacelia cicutaria will appreciate a dry Summer setting, mowing for fire suppression after the seedheads have dried will just spread the seed all the more. Dried flower stalks make a great addition the the dried flower arrangement. Some folks get a skin reaction from the hairs of Phacelia cicutaria

High resolution photos of Phacelia cicutaria are part of our garden image collection.

Phacelia cicutaria, Caterpillar Phacelia