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Pandorea jasminoides - Bower Vine

Pandorea jasminoides grows to about 20 feet. The Bower Vine is hardy into the mid-twenties. Pandorea jasminoides is native to Australia. The Bower Vine will bloom almost continuously except when it is frosty at night. In our area this is from late in the Spring through Summer and into the Fall until the first hard frost. I am fond of the clean green leaves and large white flowers with pink centers. There is an all white variety Pandorea jasminoides alba. There is also a variety with variegated foliage Pandorea jasminoides Charisma. The Bower Vine will reach and twine about anything within several feet so periodic trimming to keep the Bower Vine contained to it's prescribed space is required. As the Bower Vine ages, previous years growth are gradually abandoned, and the plants will look better for the removal of the dead material. Pandorea jasminoides prefers regular water and plenty of sun but will persevere with far less once established.

Pandorea jasminoides, Bower Vine

Pink centered white flowers of Pandorea jasminoides - Bower Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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