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Lonicera involucrata ~ Twinberry

Lonicera involucrata is native to the mountainous west, from the Rockies to the coast and Alaska to Mexico. Twinberry grows in forest margins and meadows and on streambanks. Lonicera involucrata blooms from late Spring into Summer. The though purportedly edible the berries are bitter and were used for dye, the plants were also used medicinally. The foliage turns red as Fall comes on. There are two varieties in California both have made it into the trade. One from the coast is Lonicera involucrata ledebourii and Lonicera involucrata involucrata is from the Sierras. Lonicer involucrata grows 6-8 feet tall and wide. Plants are fairly drought tolerant put to the test though they naturally occur in moister environments. Lonicera involucrata with its fragrant yellow, red or white flowers is a hummingbird favorite.

High resolution photos of Lonicera involucrata are part of our garden image collection.

Lonicera involucrata flowers, Twinberry

Lonicera involucrata fruit, Twinberry