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Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike - Yellow Cone Bush

Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike grows rather slowly to 6 feet tall and nearly as wide. Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike starts blooming in Winter and continues well into Spring. The colorful bracts can last much longer. Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike requires decent drainage, either by planting on a slope or on a mound raised above the surrounding soil for any but the best drained gardens. Leucadendron Safari Sunset grows best in a sunny to partly shaded part of the garden. Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike will tolerate Winter temperatures that dip into the low 20°s F and even into the high teens for short durations, though temperatures this cold usually makes for quite a bit of tip damage.

Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike, Yellow Conebush

Yellow bracts and blooms of Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike - Yellow Cone Bush, bloom Winter into Spring. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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