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Lepechinia fragrans El Tigre - Island Pitcher Sage

Lepechinia fragrans El Tigre works well in a garden setting. The Island Pitcher Sage blooms nearly continuously with 2 inch flowers. The foliage of the Fragrant Pitcher Sage foliage is intensely fragrant when touched or crushed. Lepechinia fragrans is a California Native found in cool woodland settings. The selected variety Lepechinia fragrans El Tigre came from the Channel Islands. Lepechinia fragrans grows in full sun near the coast but requires increasing amounts of shade as you get further from the coast. The Fragrant Pitcher Sage prefers reasonable drainage but will tolerate seasonal wetness and heavy soils if grown on a slope. The Fragrant Pitcher Sage can tolerate temperatures that dip into the mid 20°s F and maybe lower.

Lepechinia fragrans El Tigre, Island Pitcher Sage or Fragrant Pitcher Sage

Pale lavender pink flowers of Lepecinia fragrans El Tigre - Island Pitcher Sage or Fragrant Pitcher Sage. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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