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Lavatera bicolor - Bush Mallow

Lavatera bicolor flowers are pale lavender with a violet center. The 2.5 inch blossoms are almost always out with plenty of color visible. I frequently use Lavatera bicolor as a portion of the mixed hedge/screen. They form a dense mass 6 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall. Lavatera bicolor is hardy down to 20 degrees. I have had some success air layering them, sometimes accidentally. They start from semi hardwood cuttings taken in the early spring. Lavatera bicolor is a host for the West Coast Lady Butterfly, Vanessa annabella. Synonyms include Lavatera maritima and Lavatera maritima bicolor. Lavatera bicolor is also larval food for the Northern White Skipper and a great addition to the Butterfly Garden. The parents of Lavatera bicolor are native to the Mediterranean.

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Lavatera bicolor