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Jasminum angulare - South African Jasmine

Jasminum angulare is a slow growing vine or if left with out support it will grow as a spreading shrub. Jasminum angulare can grow 10 feet or more as a vine or spread as a 2-3 foot tall groundcover. Jasminum angulare blooms from Summer into late Fall. The fragrant white flowers are about an inch wide and grow in clusters of 3-7 flowers. The South African Jasmine requires at least semi-regular water once established. Jasminum angulare grows in full sun even into the inland valleys, but will still bloom in light to moderate shade. Jasminum angulare can withstand short periods of frost to the mid-20°s F.

Jasminum angulare, South African Jasmine

of Jasminum angulare - South African Jasmine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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