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Grindelia robusta ~ Great Valley Gumweed, Great Valley Gumplant

Grindelia camporum grows at lower elevations throughout the central valley and the Southern California Coast. Grindelia camporum is noted for the sticky gum that covers the stems and flowers. The Great Valley Gumweed has also gone under the name Grendelia robusta and is often found in medicinal plant texts under this name. Grindelia camporum grows on wetland margins as well as upslope locations. Grindelia camporum is drought tolerant growing in full sun to north facing exposed locations. Grindelia camporum grows 2-3 feet tall as is often taller than wide. Grindelia camporum attracts the Monarch, Common Buckeye, Painted Lady, Cloudless Sulfur and Spring Azure Butterflies.

Grindelia camporum, Great Valley Gumweed

Yellow flowers of Grindelia camporum known as Great Valley Gumweed, Great Valley Gumplant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.