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Grevillea Robyn Gordon - Robyn Gordon Grevillea

Grevillea Robyn Gordon is a hub of activity in our gardens. This is a prime plant for attracting hummingbirds. Several hummingbirds are always competing for the nectar throughout the long blooming season. A ground squirrel has made a huge mound underneath several of the plants. A hard frost came and burnt off all of the foliage. And yet all have not only survived, they have thrived. Grevillea Robyn Gordon can attain a height and width of 8-10 feet and maybe more. Cold becomes a problem when temperatures dip into the low teens. Some people react to the hairs on the leaves with rash. I have not had problems with this. Due to the high bee activity and dense flowering habit I plant Grevillea Robyn Gordon back from walkways and enjoy the show.

High resolution photos of Grevillea Robyn Gordon are part of our garden image collection.

Grevillea Robyn Gordon