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Geraria canescens - Hairy Desert Sunflower

Geraria canescens, the Hairy Desert Sunflower, or sometimes sold as simply the Desert Sunflower can be a show stopper all by itself, check the 2nd photo. These flower can fill an entire field and so much more. Geraria canescens grows to about 2.5 feet tall and produces these spectacular 1.5-2" sunflowers, loads of them. The Hairy Desert Sunflower grows in disturbed area, sandy soils, washes and flood plains. There is an understory of many other flowers, but when you look out into the distance all you see is the Hairy Desert Sunflower. Geraria canescens is a Spring bloomer. Scatter wildflower seeds with the first significant Fall rain.

High resolution photos of Geraria canescens are part of our garden image collection.

Geraria canescens, Hairy Desert Sunflower

Geraria canescens, Hairy Desert Sunflower field