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Euphorbia xanti * Baja Spurge

Euphorbia xanti is a colorful free flowering succulent shrub. The Baja Spurge has an array of common names but Confetti Flower visually fits as a nice alternate. Euphorbia xanti is drought tolerant but looks best with periodic summer irrigation in our area. Euphorbia xanti is native to coastal Baja California. Euphorbia xanti blooms nearly year round with a cloud of pink and white flowers. Euphorbia xanti grows 4-6 feet on a variety of soils.Euphorbia xanti is the correct spelling but the Euphorbia xantii spelling has been published and is in the trade. Euphorbia xanti has all of the tools for spreading, both by underground rhizomes and fertile seeds. The best method of containment may be by leaving a large margin around the plant without irrigation. The sap is toxic, long sleeves, gloves and even goggles are in order when working with this one. Euphorbia xanti is winter hardy into the mid-20°s F.

Euphorbia xanti, Baja Spurge, Confetti Flower

White and pink flowers float in a cloud Euphorbia xanti - Baja Spurge. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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