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Convergent Lady Beetle ~ Hippodamia convergens

Convergent Lady Beetle, or less properly Ladybug. The Convergent Lady Beetle is one of the most common Ladybugs in the USA and is often sold for pest control at nurseries. The Convergent Lady Beetle typically has 12 spots but this varies. Convergent Lady Beetle also has converging white marks and a surounding white line on the area just behind the head, hence the name. A few days before this photo was taken this rosebud was convered in aphids. As a testament to how good the feeding was 3 larvae pupated and one had just taken its adult form. You can see the mark left from the adult's pupae just to the left of the adult. The rose is the Ingred Bergman Rose. Convergent Lady Beetle commonly have their populations rise and fall with the availablity of prey. They will eat pollen if they run out of aphids and other small prey. Convergent Lady Beetle will go through several life cycles through the season and will go dormant through the Winter. The Convergent Lady Beetle can be found in many habitats.

Convergent Lady Beetle, Hippodamia convergens

Adult and pupae of the Convergent Lady Beetle Hippodamia convergens on a red rosebud. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.