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Centaurea cyanus - Bachelor Button, Cornflower

Bachelor Button plants are easily started from seed and are often included in wildflower seed mixes. Centaurea cyanus is endangered in its native European habitat. It seems odd that this could happen with such a common easlily grown plant. Centaurea cyanus grows from 1-3 feet tall. The leaves of the Bachelor Button are primarily at the base, grey-green stems divide to hold the flowers. As might be expected with a plant with such a common name, Bachelor Button, these flowers work great as cut flowers. Centaurea cyanus grows in full sun to light shade. While the plants last much longer in a well watered garden the Bachelor Buttons live long enough to set seed most years in a rain watered wildflower garden in most coastal gardens. Plant seeds in the Fall when the first rain is about to fall. Dried flowers are used as a tea ingredient.

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Centaurea cyanus, Bachelor Button