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Carpenteria californica Elizabeth * California Anemone

Carpenteria californica is a California native shrub that breaks with the expectations of what you might think would look like if it grew here. The large glossy green leaves and the 2 inch white flowers make quite a show. While this foliage and flower combo might visually fit into a more tropical setting they are susceptible to overwatering and could never hang with other plants with their tropical looks. Carpenteria californica is also susceptible to foliar fungal diseases. I put them on a drip system to keep from wetting the foliage in the summer. I do not depend upon them for making a screen due to their tendency to suddenly die off. In spite of all of this I plant Carpenteria regularly because of the spectacular blooms. The plants get to 6' in diameter and are hardy to 10° F.

Carpenteria californica, California Anemone