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Callistemon viminalis ~ Weeping Bottlebrush

Callistemon viminalis should probably be planted in every hummingbird garden. The Weeping Bottlebrush almost always has at least 2 hummingbirds competing for the nectar. The bright orange-red flowers are well colored to attract hummingbirds. Callistemon viminalis is often used as a street tree, maybe more often than it should be. Around those plantings can be found a laundry list of problems. The Weeping Bottlebrush will drop large amounts of debris and the roots will raise sidewalks. But if they are given the right space the Weeping Bottlebrush is a spectacular specimen. I prefer to open out the tree to show off the branching structure and the grace of the tree. Callistemon viminalis will put up with almost any soil. The weeping bottlebrush is hardy through 20° F.

High resolution images of Callistemon viminalis are available in our garden image catalog.

Callistemon viminalis, Weeping Bottlebrush