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Callistemon citrinus Jeffersii ~ Dwarf Bottlebrush

Callistemon citrinus Jeffersii grows 4-5 feet wide and up to 6 feet tall. The Dwarf Bottlebrush appreciates full sun and blooms Summer and Fall. A great plant but it seems to me a really big to be a dwarf. Callistemon citrinus Jeffersii is reasonably tolerant of soil variability but requires decent drainage. Plants are quite drought tolerant once established. This is a great plant for attractiing hummingbirds to your garden. Callistemon citrinus Jeffersii is hardy into the high teens to low 20°s F.

High resolution images of Callistemon citrinus jeffersii are available in our garden image catalog.

Callistemon citrinus jeffersii, Dwarf Bottlebrush