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Justicia californica ~ Chuparosa (syn Beloperone californica)

Justicia californica can often still be found labeled as Beloperone californica. The common name is Chuparosa which means hummingbird in Spanish. The long slender orange-red flowers are great for attracting hummingbirds. Chuparosa plants will be in flower after rains from February through the early Fall. Justicia californica is native to warmer sections of the low desert in California, Arizona and Northern Mexico. The Chuparosa flowers are edible. The flowers can be eaten raw or cooked. Justicia californica plants will grow to 4 feet tall and can spread 8 feet or more. Chuparosa can be found in the wild in washes and disturbed areas. The soft grey triangular leaves will vary in size from 1/2 an inch to virtually nothing, depending upon how much rain has fallen recently.

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Justicia californica, Chuperosa