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Arbutus Marina ~ Marina Strawberry Tree

Arbutus Marina is a hybrid tree in the manzanita family. This tree is the result of a cross between the Mediterrenan Strawberry Tree, Arbutus unedo, and the Greek Strawberry Tree, Arbutus andrachne. The graceful red trunks of the Marina Strawberry Tree are twisted and curved. I love their sculptural aspect. The mildly fragrant creamy white flowers of Arbutus Marina are produced in cycles for much of the year. The bumpy red fruit vaguely resembles strawberries. The Marina Strawberry Tree fruit is edible and reasonably tasty but it has an unusual texture. I rarely eat more than a few. I have read of the use of the fruit of Arbutus Marina in beer or mead or as a fruit compote, but still have not made any, an experiment awaits. Arbutus Marina regardless of its edibility is a good tree for the garden. The Marina Strawberry Tree will tolerate a low water garden, but prefers at least a nominal amount of irrigation. Arbutus Marina will grow to 25 feet or more tall and wide. There is a dwarf variety around that can easily be kept to 6-8 feet tall and can be used as a hedge. The dark green foliage is quite suitable for this purpose. Arbutus Marina is a nectar source for the Cloudless Sulfur, California Dogface Butterfly, and Monarch Butterfly and is a great addition to the Butterfly Garden. The fallen fruit from the Marina Strawberry Tree can be a nuisance if the birds find an interest and walkways or parked cars are nearby.

Arbutus Marina, Marina Strawberry Tree

Graceful red branches and foliage of Arbutus Marina the Marina Strawberry Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.