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Agonis flexuosa Jervis Bay Afterdark ~ After Dark Peppermint Tree, Purple Peppermint Tree

Agonis flexuosa After Dark is a great small tree growing to 20 feet or so, and a little more than half as wide as they are tall. The After Dark Peppermint Tree is moderately tolerant of soil variations but needs decent drainage. This purple foliaged Peppermint Tree can make a dense screen if trimmed regularly. The new foliage comes out maroon. The After Dark Peppermint tree has small fragrant flowers in the late Spring and early Summer. Agonis flexuosa After Dark is drought tolerant once established but will do best with intermittent deep soakings. Agonis flexuosa After Dark will have foliage damaged in the mid 20°s and hardwood damage in the low 20°s F.

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Agonis flexuosa After Dark